How Much Do Grillz Cost?

How Much Do Grillz Cost?

Frequently questions been asked regarding about grillz is how much it cost. There is
no exact amount unfortunately of how much a grillz cost because it depends on
which type of grillz, materials and extra accessories like diamond cut, fangs and ice
out. You can have custom sized grillz that requires a mold of your teeth and also a "size fit all grillz". Grillz are great to wear as it is popular now but choosing and
buying the best grillz can be difficult. How much a grillz really be a lot to consider
specially to the type and prices of the grillz you prefer.

How Much Does Grillz Cost?

It really depends on the type of grillz for many factors. You may start for an
affordable price at around $19.99 and can be up to $59.99. For customized se of
grillz that is made of gold the price is from $200 to $1800. For diamonds customized
grillz the price can go upwards to $10 to $20k. it depends primarily to the types and
materials used to the grillz.

how much do grillz cost

Why Are The Prices Varies?

Prices of the grillz can vary because of the materials and complexity of the material
being used. the more glamorous the materials used, the more it is expensive. And
the more complex materials, the more the prices get higher. For example, cost
around $180,000 because it is made of 10g of pure carat gold and 156 diamonds
weighing a total of 2.5 carats. The Dubai Dentist, Dr, Majd Naji who made had the
grillz being verified by the World Diamond Institute for its authenticity and clarity.
But the world's most valuable jewelry grill by the Guinness World Records was made
by Dr. William Dorfman which cost $1,000,000 which encrusted with diamonds and
precious gems stones and the actress Katy Perry wore it. But spending thousands or
even a million like the ones featured is out of question, so we offer you stainless
grills and gold plated grillz that starts at a price of $19.99 which can give you a great
look with thinking of spending that much.

Popular Grillz Styles and Materials

Now that you are looking which to buy from our products but still thinking which one
to choose? Choosing the right grillz could be hard because everyone has its own
style and preferences. Here is some breakdown of some of the popular grillz that you can choose and buy.
The first is the Grillz filled with Gems and that is an Iced Out Grill, Diamond grillz, Gem fill grillz. These custom made fitted grillz are perfect for people who are looking for 10k, 14k or even 18k that can add shine to their smile and they will look great when wearing it. Diamond grillz can cost from $3500 to $6000.
The second style are the Solid Grillz which is customized for any individual. Most
people love these grillz because it is comfortable when worn and can actually
perfectly fit because it is made to the customer's own teeth molds. They are usually
made from solid materials such as silver grillz or gold grillz. For how much a silver grillz and a gold grillz cost? It is about starting $135 for the silver and for gold teeth from $200 to $4000.

Should I Get A Solid Grillz Style?

By the time you will buy solid grillz, regardless of the material it is always of high
quality. If the material being used is gold, the product is always pure gold that they
don't fade or tarnish. These types of grills are very comfortable because it is perfectly fit in your mouth because it is directly molded to the person's teeth. Solid grillz is designed with a snug fit so it can fit securely in your mouth. Lastly it is made of solid 10k. 14k or 18k gold so rest assured it is a high quality grillz.

Should I Get An Iced Out Grillz Style?


When the time you are thinking to buy an iced out grillz, comes with features AAA
grade cubic zirconia and CZ stones and a lifetime warranty on the plating from
tarnishing. The ones made with CZ stones are the most customers want because of its quality, look and lifetime warranty guarantee. These types of grillz are being worn by famous rappers like Nelly and Asap Rocky.
There are also other famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Beyonce have seen wearing it. It is durable and shiny that can draw attention to many when you smile. The price may start at around $29.99 which is the most value oriented iced out grillz that can be plated with 18k real gold over a stainless steel core. You can also get solid 10k, 14k or 18k solid gold grillz.The price is good and the grillz will make you look good and has a good quality.

How much is the Solid Grillz, Iced Out Grillz, Gold teeth, Custom made, and
other grillz really cost?


The price from the simplest style which is the cheapest starts from $14 and the
extravagant style can be at around more than $1500 or more. Just what is
mentioned above, there is no exact amount how much a grillz really cost because it
varies. But in order for you to finally decide which to buy, buy the grillz that has a
high quality and has a good price. The higher the price the better the quality of the

Why Should I Get Grillz?


Grillz have become famous to wearing it by some celebrities and even common
people. Buying the right grillz which is from your preference, make you look good in
your teeth specially when you smile and it will not cost much money in your bank or if can afford the expensive ones it will guarantee a lifetime tarnishing and a high
quality. You may choose a solid grillz with diamonds, or an iced out grillz with gold and gems. It really depends on you but the most important thing is you want it and feel good about the grillz you will buy and wear.