How To Make Gold Teeth Grillz

If you want to know how to make gold grillz & gold teeth at home - you are welcome!

How Do Grillz Are Made Anyway?

Grillz have become popular and many people not just celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce or to famous rappers but it has become a trend starting to wear these on their teeth to ordinary people as well. But have you ever wonder how these grillz were made? If you are that curious to know, here are steps that people use every time they are making a grillz. Here is the summary in a quick steps. First, getting the dental size of your teeth and pour the molds of it, next melting and casting of the metal which can be gold or silver, the lastly dissolved into water, shaped and polished for a perfect fit.

How To Mold The Grillz?

You can do molding in your own home but it is best recommended to have it made by a licensed professional or a dentist to get the most perfect fit for you.Here the instructions on how the molding is done.

  1. Have a blue and white putty mixed together for 30 seconds. Then, roll it to form like sausage and place it on a tray.
  2. Open your mouth and lift your lips up before putting the tray into your teeth. Make sure it all covers the gum line. You shouldnโ€™t move by this time until itโ€™s done.
  3. Time it for 6 minutes then slowly get it lose by wiggling the tray. Never pull it right away or you may ruin the mold instead slowly detach it from your gums.
  4. Put the molds into a bags and if you may want to put into priority bags. Then send it to a professional or to your dentist for them to make the final mold of the grillz. .

The Molding Process of Custom Grillz

In making grillz, start by buying a mold kit and taking a dental impression of your top and bottom of your teeth. It is advisable to go to your dentist to get this done but now a days due to rise of online retailers of the grillz, it can be ship directly to your home and you can now the the step above on how to do the molding and give it back to the retailer or jeweler.. The grillz will be made based on your dental impression this is the most crucial step on how it is done because this is the very basis on how to get the mold correctly.

Molding Of Your Teeth

After your impressions are created, next step is to pour dye stone to fill the impression and it create the mold that the grillz will be made of. Using a vibrating machine, the impression and trey are pressed from it while dye stone is poured onto the mold. This is to make sure that there will be no air bubbles on the mold and the dye stone is evenly distributed into the impression.


The next step is the mold is made into casting with a wax. One method used commonly is to soften thick plastic sheet into the mold and cut it out into its desired shape. Next, adding the was tubes on either side of the plastics that either gold or silver has a place to inject to. Then encasing the plastic into casting material to heat up until it becomes solid then after it, it is removed the plastic and the gold is poured into the casting through the wax tubes. The casting then goes into a centrifuge spinning the gold inside. Once the process is complete, now to he next step.

Cleaning and polishing the grillz to shine

The gold or silver grillz is removed in casting, the excess gold in the tubes are then cut off and shaved to make it smooth matching the teeth on the gold grill. It is now being clean up and polish it to make a perfect shine. The casting material is shaved off the grill by using a rough wheel.

Last and important process is the polishing by using another spinning with some type of waxing material, the grillz take note are polished over and over to make it shine each pass and the process is repeated a few more times until it is gets the perfect shine and ready to wear.

How To Make Gold Teeth At Home?

Gold teeth are a form of dental prosthesus and sometimes are used for cosmetic purposes. Gold are a valuable metal item that has been very important since ancient times. So ever wonder how are these gold teeth are made? Here are few steps on how will you ba able to know how make one. It is very similar to the ones mentioned above. First have a dental mold that maybe purchased online or to the drugstore.

Have gold sheeting as well that can be bought also through online or from jewelry shops. Next, to make a gold teeth, take a dental mold of your teeth, allow it to harden and then wrap gold the gold sheeting over the mold. Warm the setting and create a tight impression of the molded teeth. Finally, allow it to harden and remove from it the dental mold.

Grillz Are Created Perfectly (Summary)

The process of creating gold teeth grillz or slugs is first getting the mold and dental impression of your teeth, next casting of the metal that commonly are gold and lastly polishing and shining of the grillz. Grillz are made perfectly and carefully. You already now know how it is done perfectly so rest assured it is really based on your preference and will perfectly fit in your teeth.

You may also want to try making your own at the comfort of your home but you still need to ask am advice and go to your dentist or any professional for an assistance. Let the grillz be made good to have a genuine smile to satisfied customers because grillz are being created perfectly.