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Rainbow Teeth Grillz


Multi-colored Rainbow Teeth Grillz

Do you know Tekashi? You can be like him! Our similar multi-colored rainbow gold grillz will make you shine.

Metals Type: Copper

Material: Metal
Color: Gold
Weight: 11.2g


Are you searching for items that provide a unique and different look from the others? Our online shop, Grillzly proudly introduces the multi-colored rainbow teeth grillz you can wear for special events. It will surely create a great feeling to wear something that matches your amazing outfit and accessory to showcase your vibrant personality. Just like rapper Tekashi, you’ll be wearing the latest fashion style on your teeth. So, if partying is what you have in mind, the tekashi grillz will provide that look that can turn heads with admiration. It can also make you look cool. The rainbow teeth come with a fascinating collection of colors, such as navy blue, dark blue, yellow, orange and red, and are molded in gold. So, if you prefer a hip-hop bling style just like Tekashi, you’ll be happy and satisfied to wear the rainbow grillz.

The multi-colored grillz can be attached to your teeth easily with no hassles. Just put it to shape your mouth and make it fit perfectly. And as it is designed for all ages, you can easily put it on and remove from your mouth. The rainbow teeth have a luxurious design to stand out on such occasions. And, just like any jewelry, you need to keep it safely in a box for reuse. So, if you want this gorgeous 6ix9ine grillz, ensure you choose and add it to your cart. So, if done with the ordering and have completely paid for it, the items will be shipped directly to your preferred destination. The package is expected to be delivered during working hours. Should you have any question, feel free to contact us anytime. Customer service will readily respond to your needs in 24 hours. The product should be ready before you notice it. Just one note about grillz – it is intended for entertainment only.


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