Gold Teeth Grillz (6 Teeth)


Gold Teeth Grillz (6 Teeth)

If you are looking for 6 teeth best quality gold grills, you are in the right place. Get your swaggy gold teeth grillz from grillzly and go shine!


GOLD GRILLZ - get swag with GRILLZLY!

Inherited from the hip-hop culture, Grillz are made of metals like gold, silver and platinum and are worn as a teeth ornament. These are generally removable and come in various other styles and designs. Depending on the quality and the metal that is used, grillz can range from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars even. But instead of going for so pricy a grill, opt for the ones that we offer. Grillz came into trend during the time of 2012 summer Olympics when Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer showcased his grills with the design of the American flag. The gold grillz are made of premium quality and are designed in such a way so that it fits your natural teeth and therefore would not cause any trouble while you wear them. Rappers are most likely to wear them like Mike Jones and Lil Wayne who are in a way responsible for popularizing these gold grillz. The 6 teeth grillz are available on with an extra 10% off by using the code GZ10. The upper case measures 5cm x 1.3 cm and the lower case measures 4cm x 1.1cm. You can also check out different variety with different colors and choose one for yourself. There are many myths about grillz that it causes tooth decay and give rise to gum problems and so to find a solution, we offer you these premium quality 6 teeth grills that will cause no harm to your teeth. These are perfectly made from good quality and it a lot more reasonable.

6 Gold Teeth Grills

The gold teeth grillz are a fascinating way to enhance your appearance. Though a little overtly fashioned, it fascinates a lot of minds who has a little rapper or hip hop fan hidden inside them. It is recognized as the ultimate pimp accessory. The trend has been set and the love for shinning smile has gained a lot of popularity. Since you will find a lot of gold grillz that are steeply priced and also the cheap ones that are cheap and not made of quality material resulting in a lot of damage to your oral cavity. Instead try out the gold teeth grillz at Grillzly store where you get 6 teeth grills at just 29.99 dollars. These are not pressurizing your pockets and are made from fine materials which make it reliable to use. We restrict the use of harsh chemicals that can cause any damage and therefore you can buy your first gold grillz from our store without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in your mind. If you are also a fan of shinning smile and are to rock the world with your brilliance, you have arrived just at the right spot. Try out these super funky gold grillz and bring out the rapper that is trapped inside you. Grillzly presents to you a set of 6 teeth grillz making you look like your favorite rapper. Shoot your smile along with your swag with these trending gold grillz. Shine like never before.


Metals Type: Copper
Material: Metal
Size: Top teeth 5cm*1.3cm+ Lower teeth 4cm*1.1cm

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