Rose Gold Teeth Grillz Set (6 Teeth)


Rose Gold Teeth Grillz Set

Do you want some grillz? Maybe get one of the most original color - rose gold?

Our rose gold teeth grills are beautiful and cheap.


You all have most probably heard of the renowned proverb, a million dollar smile. But have you ever thought of it becoming actually true? Yes! You heard it right. Celebrities all over the world are becoming fans of these teeth jewellery and the mass is following this trend whole heartedly and liking it as well. Instead of flaunting the bright white set of teeth, people are seen sporting a golden smile which is actually made of gold. You also follow the hottest accessory in fashion these days and bring out the hip hop star latent trapped within you.  The grillz are made of not only gold and silver but are decorated with gemstones, sapphires and sometimes are designed to have fangs like vampires. They come in different varieties like for top teeth bottom teeth or a set of both. If you want a bit simple, then a single or double capped is also prepared. Make sure the quality of grills that you are purchasing, because there are certain precautions that are to be maintained while opting for these kinds of pimp accessories. The caps should not be a covering on the cavity as this can cause damage to your tooth and gum. Keep in mind that the grillz are removed regularly and the metals that are used must be corrosion free because no one wants to have a rusty smile. 

Rose Gold Grills - must-have element of your look!

Grillz are a fashion statement these days. From Nelly to Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, everybody is flaunting their million dollar smile. Why wait? Give these trendy hip- hops look a try and try experimenting with different color and varieties. Starting from Madonna to Lady gaga all have been spotted flaunting these kinds of looks. The ones that we are providing are completely trust worthy as we do not use any harsh chemicals and the quality of metal is fine enough to last a long time. There will be no issues regarding your oral health as that is given the utmost priority while manufacturing these grillz. In spite of maintaining a standard quality of these products, we have kept the price of these within the reach of everyone. It will cost you around 19.99 dollars and you can get an exclusive discount by using the code GZ10. This is a limited period offer and the offer lasts until the stocks are complete. If you are too bored to carry out the mainstream style, go for the rose gold grillz that we are offering you. Starting from mobile covers to grills, rose gold is a color everyone would love to try.  Made out of copper or brass these rose gold grills are here to provide you with utmost subtle look and will focus on your super flashy smile and bring out the pop fun within you. Kendall Jenner who is never noticed to experiment with her looks couldn’t escape the urge to try out the super funky gold grillz. You can also embrace the new style and smile like no one else does.

Main material: Copper/Brass